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2017 Rules of the Tournament
-2009 Rules apply plus one new substitute "courtesy" runner rule-

(New National Substitute "Courtesy" Runner Rule)

Complete list of rules for teams to know:

Captain's Review of Rules Highlights
Players must know these rules' highlights.  

2016 ASA Non-Approved Illegal Bats

2015 ASA Non-Approved Illegal Bats

List of illegal bats for 2009-2010 Illegal Bats 2008
Complete list of ASA illegal bats for teams to review.
Older illegal Bats 2003, 2004
Players should review these restrictions on older bats.

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2017 Umpires' Review of Rules
All teams should review this check list.

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The Grouping Process

Explains the preliminary playoff pool pairings, scheduling, and tie-breaking criteria instructions with information about the 4 to 7-team group structures and a blank chart to calculate tie-breakers.

Blank Chart to Calculate Tie-Breakers

Provides blank charts to use to calculate each team's tie-breaking criteria for each of the 4 to 7-team group structures.


Team League Rankings for 2017 Group Play - (As of Aug 9th)
This chart shows the league standings used to rank teams before their group play to determine their seeding. Seedings will remain after Group Play to rank teams in the Final Ten Team Trip© round...vying to enter the Elite Eight double-elimination round...but all undefeated teams in the group play will be seeded above those that lost a game.


This list of teams shows the league standings as of August 9th originally used to rank teams. However, they have now been further ranked AFTER their group play. The undefeated teams in group play are ranked above those that lost a game.

The top six ranked teams in the Final Ten Team Trip© round will automatically be in the double-elimination round of the Elite Eight. The remaining four teams must win a play-in game to enter the double-elimination Elite Eight round for the championship.

Note: First, the top four seeds will be separated in each of the four sections of the "Elite Eight" and then the bottom four seeds paired as closely as possible to traditional pairings - highest ranked vs lowest, number two vs second lowest, but the teams ranked in the middle will be ranked against the other mid-ranged ranked teams depending on whether or not they are undefeated or have a loss from the Group play. Of the 10 teams, 4 (40%) are play-in teams and some with a loss and others undefeated in tournament play. Therefore, these factors usually skew what commonly is seen in a bracket of 16 teams. The goal when pairing teams against each other is for teams 1 and 2 to have an advantage over the others, teams 9 and 10 to have the least advantage of all teams and for the others to be as evenly paired against each other...IN THAT ORDER OF PRIORITY. Of the top six teams that advanced directly to the double-elimination without a play-in game, the top seed (1) and lowest seed (6) are aligned in the upper half of the page along with the lower seed of the middle teams (4). Thus, the top seed opposes the lowest of each segment of the non-play-in teams. This year, also assuming the higher seeded play-in teams win, teams 1 and 2 will both be 6 seeds higher than there opponents (7 and 8), and teams 3, 4, 5 and 6 are 2 seeds away from each other. Of the remaining seeds, team 7 is undefeated so therefore plays team 10 during the play-in game (as part of the highest plays the lowest first priority of seeding)...but then is paired in the second round against team 1 since team 10 is the play-in opponent. (Had teams 9 and 10 been the play-in teams against the top seed, team 7's undefeated Group play would not have been rewarded.) This balance of seeding is meant to reward Group play as well as account for the algorithm that originally ranks our teams' season records and lessens the affects of forfeits (so an 8-0 team may be ranked lower than a 10-2 team, for example). Overall, the slight skewing away from traditional pairings does not attempt to take away from a team's casual season standing but rewards teams for tournament play under equal playing conditions.

Again this year, if it rains, the commissioner may deem that the entire remaining tournament games will all (or at a point of excessive rain the remaining games yet to be played) be conducted in single-elimination format or that only the final four teams play in double-elimination brackets because of persistent rain and an impending field permit expiration.


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The Rankings after the first day of play.
The final seedings will be listed here:

Current Rankings - (Aug. 20th)
Top Six
#1 U.S. Nat. Rec Softball #1 (16-1)

#2 Bones Brigade #2 (13-2)

#3 Naked Shorts #4 (10-2)

#4 Bada Bings #5 (8-0)

#5 One Hitters #7 (12-4)

#6 Crimson #10 (7-1)

Play-In Four (Undefeated Teams)

#7 Softball Against Humanity #29 (4-4)

Teams with a Group Play Loss

#8 Baltimore Oracles #2 (9-2)

#9 Smell the Glove #9 (8-3)

#10 DICK-TATERS #10 (6-3)

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(The championship game will play a full 7 innings with no time limits.)


--DOUBLE-Elimination FULL SCHEDULE--(Aug. 29)

(Show the updated schedules for September 9th IF THE WEATHER and FIELDS ARE CLEAR...An alternative schedule below may be used if rain threatens games or the fields are wet at the start of the final day.)
This schedule is the main schedule for the tournament, but may not be used if the commissioner determines that the weather or field conditions will prevent the tournament from concluding on September 9th or within the dates acquired on the field permits.



PLAN "B" Weather-affected Alternative Schedule - (Aug.30)

(WILL BE USED if necessary to adjust the schedules for September 9th or later IF THE WEATHER OR FIELD CONDITIONS otherwise will prevent the tournament from concluding on September 9th or in a timely manner.)

This schedule will be the ALTERNATIVE schedule for the tournament, but will only be used if the commissioner determines that the weather or field conditions will prevent the tournament from concluding on September 9th or later in a timely manner. This schedule will be announced by Thursday evening, September 7th if it is to be used on the final Saturday...unless conditions change so drastically on Friday that the decision is made on the field Saturday morning.

--August 19 Group Pool SCHEDULE--(UPDATED 8/17)

(CREATED August 10th ...Will also be updated if rain postpones some games.)
View the upcoming schedule of games in chronological group format. (Charts with scores that determined tie-breakers will be posted with the results. See also "The Grouping Process" link above for examles of tiebreaker scenerios and instructions on how to figure a tiebreaker.)

--August 26 Group Pool SCHEDULE-- (Aug. 14th)


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2017 Championship Double-elimination FINAL RESULTS - (UPDATED Sept. 10th)

(The Championship rounds were played on Saturday, September 9th.)
Complete championship round results of all the games played in the final double-elimination bracket format.


Group (POD) Aug. 19 Game RESULTS - (UPDATED Aug. 19)
First day's Group results with tie-breaker charts.

Group (POD) Aug. 26 Game RESULTS - (UPDATED Aug. 27)
Second day's Group results with tie-breaker charts.

All Group (POD) Game RESULTS - (UPDATED Aug. 27)
(Both days' group results in one file.)

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Small Lineup Cards
Give your lineup to your opponent and/or the umpire as required before each tournament game (4 small cards per sheet).

Large Dugout & Small Lineup Cards & Field Chart - NEW
Use the large card to compare your batting lineup with your opponent's and post it in your dugout. Use the field chart to show your defensive alignment to your team in the dugout. Tear off the small lineup card and give it to your opponent or the umpire as required before each tournament game.

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GPS Address to use for fields: 7119 Beulah Street

GPS Address for additional parking: 7137 Beulah Street on the other side of the school off of Kingstowne Commons Dr..

Beulah Fields map & Parking & Field Numbers Map - NEW
Information regarding the fields. Permit
Directions & Google Map Link (strangely, ignores Beulah St.) a
Directions to tournament fields...use 7119 Beulah Street address to the school's address in Google to assure correct GPS driving directions.

33 Years of Champions
A List of All Tournament Winners for the first 33 Years
Adobe download icon
Needed for reading the files above

Commissioner's mascots of past tournaments on Andrews Air Force Base fields prior to the 9/11 attacks:

Just beyond the hanger for Air Force One on Andrews Air Force Base, 
Potamus guards a softball he stole from a player's bag 
while Miss Beavis looks to find a comfortable spot on which to rest.

Prior to the 2000 championship round of the final four teams, 
Potamus poses with the trophies at Andrews Air Force Base.

Between games, Potamus uses warm-up time to rule on the Andrews AFB field 
as well as scout the player talent of each year's participants.

Potamus patiently waits behind the backstop until the teams form a line to
congratulate each other at game's end. That's his signal for someone to throw a
ball into the outfield while he runs looking up behind him.

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