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Games scheduled within the next 7 days:

Date Visitors Home Location
7/31/2014PBGC All-Stars (145)Five Pound Bass (90)Hains Point 
7/31/2014Bada Bings (198)Margin of Terror_ (55)Washington Monument - Field 4 
7/31/2014DC Transplants (115)Vampire Bats (85)TBD - The Mall  
7/31/2014DC N8IV's and miSFits (120)Uncle John's Band (130)National Mall 
7/31/20141st Effin' Amendments (50)Masters of Disaster (145)on the mall 
7/31/2014ADW Bats (70)Naughty Fingers (85) 
7/31/2014DC Swingers' Club, The (68)Read The Fine Print (89)Mall 
7/31/2014Margin of Terror_ (55)Carlos and Friends (91) 
7/31/2014Economic Hitmen (42)wildCARDS (80) 
8/4/2014Fallen Angels (108)Non-Pros, The (88)Tip of Hains Point 
8/4/2014Transport This! (119)Bones Brigade (150)East Potomac Park (#15) 
8/4/2014SmartBriefers, The (100)All Vols (124)field 5 the mall 
8/5/2014BGLOVES (120)DICK-TATERS (183) 
8/5/2014Ten Thousand Men & Women of Harvard (119)Read The Fine Print (89)Mall 
8/5/2014Triskelions (64)Carlos and Friends (91)East Potomac Park #15 
8/6/2014NAB's Big Sticks (105)Smell the Glove (150)East Potomac Park, Field 16 nearest to 500 Ohio Drive SW 
8/6/2014One Hitters (180)Targeted Victory (116)Game starts @ 6:30. We will send someone to reserve a field at 21st St NW and Constitution Ave NW, next to the pond, ideally the spot at the top of the hill. Call or text Stacia 410-299-3433 if you need anything. 
8/6/2014Catalyzers (70)Bones Brigade (150)The Mall, near corner of 15th and Constitution (TBD) 
8/6/2014Service Nationals (95)Naughty Fingers (85) 
8/6/2014Peace Corps Villagers (119)Margin of Terror_ (55) 
8/6/2014The 'A' Team (96)GSPM Politricks (115)Mall 
8/6/2014Baltimore Oracles (75)Ale Stars (formerly B-L-L-unders) (56)West Potomac 
8/6/2014Alphabet Soup (115)Yellow Journalists (0)East Potomac Park field 15 
8/6/2014Raising Arizona (135)Thornton's Thunder (36)TBD 

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