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Games scheduled within the next 7 days:

Date Visitors Home Location
7/25/2016Fallen Angels (0)The 'A' Team (0)Tip of Hains Point 
7/25/2016Non-Pros (0)Overdrafts. The (0)TBD Mall 
7/25/2016Softball Against Humanity (0)Masters of Disaster (0)SAH will find field 
7/26/2016Washington Bashionals, The (0)Peace Corps Villagers (0)National Mall 
7/26/2016Triskelions (0)Read The Fine Print (0)E. Potomac Park 
7/26/2016Five Pound Bass (0)MoneyBaller$ (FRB/CFPB OIG) (0)Tip of Hains Point (Permit) 
7/26/2016DICK-TATERS (0)Bada Bings (0) 
7/27/2016Will's Gunns (formerly VA is for Lovers) (0)Scared Hitless (0) 
7/27/2016Marvel's Mayhem (0)Farm Team (0)Field 15, East Potomac Park 
7/27/2016NAB's Big Sticks (0)U.S. National Recreational Softball Team (0)Field near WWII Memorial 
7/27/2016NAB's Big Sticks (0)Team USA Softball (0)Washington Monument Permit Field 1 on 17th Street across from WWII Memorial 
7/27/2016Grunley Bears (0)Bones Brigade (0) 
7/27/2016Catalyzers (0)Peace Corps Villagers (0)TBD - The Mall, near 15th and Constitution  
7/27/2016Softball with Chris Matthews (0)GSPM Politricks (0)mall 
7/27/2016RNC (0)Baltimore Oracles (0)The Mall - near MLK 
7/27/2016One Hitters (0)SmartBriefers (0)Duck Pond near 21st and Constitution 
7/28/2016Mitches Get Stitches (0)Unfunded Mandates, The (0) 
7/28/2016Gold Standard, The (0)Economic Hitmen (0) 
7/28/2016Alphabet Soup (0)Service Nationals_ (0)Field 15 East Potomac Park 
7/28/2016Cases Loaded (0)Targeted Victory (0) 
7/28/2016PBGC All-Stars (0)Sultans of Swap (0)Hains Point 
7/28/2016Uncle John's Band (0)BGLOVES (0)Field #1 
7/28/2016Oil Barons (0)FN Filibuster (0) 

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