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Softball Map of fields around the Washington Monument ..... Softball Map of fields near the Reflecting Pool ..... Softball map of areas closing from 2017 to 2021

Click on each map to view a larger version showing field locations and scheduled closures beginning July 2017 through 2021.

Games scheduled within the next 7 days:

Date Visitors Home Location
7/24/2018Peace Corps Villagers (110)Get Off Our Lawn (95) 
7/24/2018Five Pound Bass (80)Washington Bashionals, The (90) 
7/24/2018U.S. National Recreational Softball Team (120)Fallen Angels (70) 
7/25/2018Non-Pros (140)Scared Hitless (80) 
7/25/2018Smell the Glove (98)DICK-TATERS (120) 
7/25/2018Bread for the City (85)Masters of Disaster (134)TBD 
7/25/2018Takoma Wellness Center One Hitters (107)Bones Brigade (110)20th and Constitution, approximately here: 
7/25/2018GSPM Politricks (110)The Data Trust (100) 
7/25/2018Will's Gunns (aka Merri's Minions) (80)Grunley Bears (100)National Mall 
7/26/2018MoneyBaller$ (FRB/CFPB OIG) (145)Foley's Fire (0)National Mall at 6:30PM 
Congressional FCU

Congressional FCU

Congressional FCU

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